Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Adventures with rice cereal

At Joey's 4 month checkup the Dr. said we could start trying rice cereal as an introduction to solids and when he gets closer to 6 months to start some of the solids. We have been working on eating rice cereal for a few weeks now. At first Joey was not so sure about the whole sitting in the high chair thing. He is quite the wiggle worm, so he thinks its funny when I try to put him in there to move his feet. On the first try we got a few bites in. He was still trying to push it out with his tongue and made the funniest faces when he was attempting to "eat". Each night he eats a little bit more and now he opens his mouth for me when he sees the spoon. He loves sitting in his high chair now too. So this week I think we are going to attempt carrots as our "first food".

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