Sunday, August 22, 2010

Boys and their toys

Since Joey is pretty much sitting up on his own now, he has been using every toy as a drumstick and anything as his drum. It is funny how now that he has a different view (sitting up) he has found new ways to play. everything that we have bought up until now has been some type of dangly thing or a teething toy or a soft book (everything goes to his mouth since he is teething) As we were walking through Target tonight picking up a few needed items, such as dog food, paper towels (and the cutest $3 onesie) I decided to walk down the toy aisle and see what were somethings he might be interested in now that he is sitting up. Oh my... are there a million and 1 things for kids to play with. At this age (6months) everything is a "developmental toy" Ok... so I know he is learning everyday how use his hands and do different things, but how do you choose from all this stuff? I really just wanted something simple, not to big for him to be able to play with while he is learning to sit up (he is still a little wobbly) And then I saw it! something I recognized from when I was a kid. The Fisher Price Brilliant Basics Rock-a-stack. Now I am sure it had a much simpler name back then, like stack of rings or something. lol. So for about $5 we got a fun little thing to bring home. And the rings are soft so Joey can bite them all he wants to. Perfect!

Fast forward... He played with it for a bit and it helps him practice sitting up... BUT what does Joey want to play with and is his new favorite thing you ask???

Yes. there it is. The Huggies wipe box! I think this goes back to his found ability to "drum". lol.

Note to self... do not buy random expensive toys. :)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

6 months ago...

My world was changed by this amazing little person that God blessed me with. At 6:45pm on February 12, 2010... Joseph Alberto Arroyo was born.

It is hard to remember what life was like with out him as a part of our world. it seems as if he has just always been a part of our lives. What did we do with all of that "extra time" we used to have. Anyone who is a mom knows what I'm talking about. I mean, I thought I was busy before, but now I know what busy means. When you become a parent you become a more organized person. You learn to do many things at a time and you somehow survive on little sleep sometimes. You some how form superpowers. I have ninja like reflexes. If something is about to drop I somehow have the senses of spiderman and grab it. Watching Sesame Street becomes interesting and making silly faces to make your child laugh is completely normal.

The wonderful thing about all of this... I love every moment. nothing makes me more happy than to hang out with Joey. He amazes me everyday with how smart he is and new things he learns to do. In 6 months he has learned to hold his head up, rolled over, sit up on his own and is trying to crawl. Tell me when else in our lives to we learn so many things in such a short time. Babies are incredible.

So HAPPY 1/2 YEAR BIRTHDAY to my wonderful little boy! I love you!