Monday, November 29, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree

The tree is officially up! It took much longer than it ever has before. That would be because of a little guy name Joey who is capable of crawling and getting into ornaments. And when mommy does not let him get them he is very mad. lol. You can try bribing the child with every toy he has, but with there are tubs of sparkly new things good luck with him not wanting to get into it.

After it was done though and I held him next to the tree and the lights sparkled in his eyes he suddenly had the biggest smile on his face. it is one of those moments that will always be frozen in my memory. It is another one of those firsts that you only get to experience once. Of course there will be many more Christmas trees and he will smile bigger each year, but that first look will remain priceless.

So later this week, we will make sure that daddy gets up the lights on the outside of the house and the rest of the ribbons and I will of take pictures of everything. I am so excited about Christmas this year. I can't wait for Joey to get to experience the fun of all things Christmas!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Joey's first turkey dinner
Yum. Yum. Yum. Its was great food and fun as always for Thanksgiving. The turkey and gravy and rice and butter beans and mac and cheese and all of the other goodies were so very good. We went to mom and dad's as usual and our friends Jen and George came with us. Their family is in Ohio and they go home for Christmas, so they stay here in Hilton Head for Thanksgiving. Also joining us were long time friends of the family Sherry and George. Yep. We had 2 George's for dinner. :)

It was Joey's first Thanksgiving. Not that he really understands what "thanksgiving" means. I am certainly thankful for him. He was so much fun to watch as he picked up little pieces of turkey and rice. It was his first time eating this type of turkey. He did ok with it. much of ended up on the floor, which Hercules was happy about. He had his 1st Thanks giving shirt and his turkey bib, so if anything he was adorable!

 We got Joey these really cute first Thanksgiving pajamas. We bought these a year ago on clearance for like $2. He wasn't even born yet. We did the math and figured he would be about 9 months old, so we got the 9 months size. It fit... barely. He wore them last night. I love that the feet say little....turkey. so cute! 

So he is at Mimi's house for the weekend, while mommy and daddy deal with the crazy Black Friday shoppers tomorrow. Should be interesting! As least we get a good nights sleep before dealing with all of the crazies. :)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Keeping up with Joey

It still amazes me that in 9 short months, Joey has gone from this tiny (ok... who am I kidding, he was never exactly tiny) little helpless guy to a rolling over, sitting up, crawling, pulling up, standing on his own guy. He is interested in everything around him. it is so much fun to watch him learn and grow. He figures out toys in no time, pushing buttons and pulling on them. HE IS SO SMART! and fast. I mean you put him down and he is across the room. I'm lucky if he stops for 5 minutes because a toy has caught his attention. The more buttons, noises etc... a toy has the better.

He is so curious about his surroundings and I swear he finds the tiniest pieces of paper or fluff from a dog toy. Tonight he explored into the kitchen and found the end of the splenda packet that I must have dropped this morning when I was making coffee. He points at it with his finger, but if its not picked up quickly by mommy or daddy then its going  straight to the mouth. speaking of mouths. poor kid is teething again. I think #5 with be making its debut soon. which probably means #6 isn't to far behind. We seem to get them in twos.

He had his 9 month checkup last week. He is weighing it about 22lbs and is about 30 inches long. still in that 50-75% range. He is able to eat meats now so we have had fun with that this weekend. He likes chicken, but he isn't so sure about hamburger meat. No food is safe now, because if you have it then he wants its. We were eating popcorn and watching a movie last night and he was reaching for the bowl. "NO" isn't in his vocabulary yet (but we are working on that one).

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Turning 30

Yep. that's right. I turned 30 years old today. I still find it hard to believe. I mean 30??? me??? I'm not sure why this is somewhat difficult for me. I know 30 is still young, but wow does time just seem to keep moving faster and faster.

Remember when we were younger and all we wanted was for time to go by quickly. We just wanted to be "older".  I guess is just like everything else in life. you understand it more the older you get. I wish I knew and understood things... ok. well. looked at things the way I do now. Our parents were right. We don't know everything when we are a teenager. lol. But maybe some of my knowledge comes from the fact that I am now myself a parent ( of a crawling, soon to be walking, has 4 teeth, 9 month old). I learn something new everyday. He makes me appreciate everyday and every moment.

If you asked me where I thought I would be when I was 30... I would have said married, with kids. So I am married ( to my best friend and my other half) and I have my little Joey. I would say 30 is good so far. I got pancakes for breakfast and had a lazy day watching movies and hanging out with my two favorite boys! :)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Pumpkins and monkeys and candy... oh my!

October was such a busy month! and boy did it fly by fast! Joey turned 8 months on October 12th. We took some great pictures with the pumpkins we picked at the pumpkin patch at Cahills market in downtown Bluffton. We went with Leah and Alice to go see the pumpkins. they had so much fun together.
Of course to Joey all things are "a drum" so he found the pumpkins extremely fun to beat on.

He is getting stronger and stronger and is doing this kind of army, inch worm, crawl thing. He sure can get to where he wants to go.  And he is pulling up on anything he  can get his hands on. This guy is strong! So string that he now thinks it is funny to pull his bibs off. This is not funny to mommy, because he drools so much he soaking wet after a little while.

We also had Joey's first Halloween. even though he is little and can't eat the candy it was till fun to dress him up in his monkey suit and of course made for some adorable pics! We went to Mimi and Pop Pop's in Savannah and went to a few neighbors houses. He wasn't so sure about the costume but was a good sport about it. Next year he will be walking running around so that should be fun!
My first Halloween... lol!
Joey in his bib that Mimi gave him