Monday, June 20, 2011

Extreme couponing.... maybe

So now that I am a WAHM (see previous post for explanation on this one) we are trying to save a little money by clipping some coupons. I don't know if you have ever seen the show on TLC, but wow those people save some crazy amounts of money, not to mention get things for FREE! Now I won't be building any stock piles or at any given time have 50 mustards on hand, but I will be saving some money and yes getting some things for FREE. Me and the hubs have been doing some research on the deals and today we had a great one! 
So here's what we got at CVS for $8.35:  2 hawain tropic chapsticks, 2 dove deodorant, 1 Pantene Shampoo, 1 Pantene conditioner, 1 24 pack of Deerpark water  (Retail value: about $30)
1st transaction:  two Hawaiian tropic SPF chap sticks       total spent: $6.40
 BUT, you get 10 Extra Care Bucks when you buy any two Hawaiian tropic products. (to use on your next transaction) So we made $3.60 on this transaction.

2nd transaction: case of 24 Deer Park water, 2 Dove deodorant, 1 Pantene Shampoo, 1 Pantene Conditioner Total spent $1.95  How is that possible you ask? here is the breakdown:

Water was on sale for $3.88, deodorant was 2/$5 and we had a coupon $1/1, Pantene was 2/$6.97 and we had a coupon $3/2.  then we applied the $10 ECB from our previous transaction.

AND we got $2 ECB for buying any two Pantene Products. So we walk away spending $8.35 out of pocket and $2 in ECB !

The best thing about this transaction is this is all stuff we need at the moment and will use. So again... no 50 mustards hanging around for no reason. You can coupon, get good deals, and get stuff for FREE with out being EXTREME. :) 

Thursday, June 16, 2011


This acronym is part of my world these days. "Stay at Home Mom". That's me! Well I guess technically I am a WAHM "Work at Home Mom". I have been home with Joey for 2 weeks now. I left the corporate world and crazy hours to be able to stay home with my little boy. SO FAR... the best decision we ever made. We have had such trouble finding reliable childcare for Joey since the time he was born. With both of us in retail (having to work weekends, weird hours, etc...) it has be very stressful. So when our last sitter told us she couldn't watch him anymore we knew we had to figure out a permanent solution.

Since I have been doing so well with my MaggieBelles business, it made sense for me to stay at home since I would still be bringing in money. Not to mention doing what I love... creating fun things AND seeing my son grow and learn everyday.

Now it's not all fun and games, there are times when it is tough being at home all the time. Kudos to those moms who have several children and have done this there whole lives. I'm still figuring it out with just 1 right now. But I am enjoying seeing Joey everyday. He learns and does something new all the time and now I am the first one who sees it. I don't have to hear a story or see a picture. They are only little once. And we don't get second chances to see them grow up. And hey maybe now I will be able to catch up on blogging...

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Joey's First Birthday

Wow! a whole year! has it really been a year? It seems like it was yesterday. He was so small and helpless and now he is this smart little person. So much happens in a child's first year. They say it's the most we grow in our lifetime. in the first month alone a baby doubles in size. I think.. who can remember. I am glad I kept track of all those firsts in his baby book. They say you have baby brain when you are pregnant, but after that well you have mommy brain.

But Joey's party was a success! We had it at Mom and Dad's house. Yummy food and cake! and sooooooo many toys. well lots of books. That is what we asked for. he really likes books, well flipping the pages at least.