Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I have a bellybutton

That gross little umbilical cord stump fell off tonight. I have never been so excited. I hated to even look at it when I cleaned it. I can take stinky diapers and all of the other crazy things that come with babies, but for some reason that little stump freaked me out.

Joey has the cutest little bellybutton. It is an "innie" (probably not the way you spell that). I'm glad, because I hate the way "outie" bellybuttons look. That is one less thing we have to do now when we change his diaper since we don't have to clean it with alcohol anymore.

So tomorrow Joey will get his first real bath in his whale tub. Hopefully he will like it. He hasn't been the biggest fan of the "sponge bath" we have had to give him up until now. Of course I will post pics. :)

The great thing about newborns is all of the "firsts" you get to experience. It is amazing how much they change and grow and learn everyday.

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