Friday, March 12, 2010

1 month old

It is hard to believe that one month ago today I was at the hospital in labor waiting for my beautiful little boy to come into the world. Time really does go by fast. It is amazing how much he has grown and changed in just 4 weeks. I was looking back at my pictures of him and he is so different from the day he was born. I have to say I have definitely been a snap happy mom. I just can't help taking pictures of him, he is so darn cute! :) Not one day goes by that I don't take at least one picture with either my camera or my phone.

He is really starting to develop a personality. He can focus on my face and loves to look at his mobile and the ceiling fan. He will sit there and stare at the fan in amazemwnt as it goes round and round. In the past week he has found his fingers and now he thinks its the best thing in the world to touch his own face and bite his fingers. He is also starting to discover his voice and has been making sounds. It is so funny when he does this because he almost surprises himself that he made the noise. I get a smile here and there and he sticks his tongue out sometimes to. it is so much fun to watch him discover his new "abilities". You never know what a new day will bring!

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