Monday, May 3, 2010

It's not easy

There have been several times I have cried as a mom...  

On the day Joey was born... I cried tears of happiness. 
On some of those first days when I thought I might never sleep again... I cried tears of exhaustion.
On the day he turned a month old... I cried tears of joy.
On the day I went back to work... I cried tears of uncertainty
On the day Joey got his first shots... I cried for a good ten minutes... he cried for about two

Today I cried the tears of a mom. My little boy has a cold. He has a stuffy nose and cough. We took him to the doctor and there is really nothing they can do. But it breaks my heart to see him cough and sneeze. When he cries, I cry... because there is nothing I can do to make his pain go away. I'm sure today will be the first of many times I will want to be able to snap my fingers and make it all better for him. It is probably the most difficult thing about being a parent. You have so much love for your child and want everything to be ok. I have to keep reminding myself... EVERYTHING WILL BE OK.  And it is when I look at this little smile. :)

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