Monday, April 12, 2010

Back to life, back to reality

It is true that the older you get the quicker that time seems to pass. When I went on maternity leave it felt like it was so far way when I had to go back to work. I remember counting the weeks in my head and think "yay, I still have a while". But the days (of feeding, changing, napping while I could) and nights (of feeding, changing, napping while I could) went by quickly and now its back to work

Even though I have been doing my job for over 3 years now, it was still a bit strange to go back to work. It felt almost like the first day of school... where you know you have been to this place before, but you have been off for the summer.  You get to see your friends that you have not seen as much (and of course you all have stories to tell) So much can change in a few months. You have not set an alarm clock in a while and your sleep schedule may be a bit messed up from staying up late ( or in my case staying up late and then getting up to feed the little one). Your a little bit more grown up now and have a new exciting year ahead of you. And even though you know that you have to get back in to your routine, their is something somewhat refreshing to be back. You have a renewed sense of trying to be the best you can be and you tell your self you will do better than you ever have.

So today was my first day of school... err... I mean work :) 

Today was also Joey's first day at "daycare". Yes, mommy did cry. Even though I am so lucky to have him at someone's home and she is great with him, it was hard to leave my little guy. You get used to holding him and making silly faces and taking an afternoon nap together. He was such a little trooper. He was smiling when I left and didn't think twice about me saying goodbye. I guess it one of those many moments in life that I will not want to let him go (literally and figuratively). It's just another one of the many firsts that we will have with him. Another point in time that has passed in the blur of memories I am trying to keep in my head and my heart. 

That is, after all, the reason I have this blog... so that I can remember. :)


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