Sunday, August 18, 2013

Fast forward 2 yrs

Ok, so alot happened in two years. Last time I wrote I had just began to stay home with Joey after working full time since I was like 19. I can happily say that I still stay home with Joey. But we have 2 more! yep! you read that right. September of last year we had twins! I will do another post on that whole experience. But long story short, they were a surprise ( ok more of a shock) but I would not change a thing. 

So in other news, after the twins were born, we realized really quickly that we were going to need more space. So in January of this year we started looking a houses. Again, that is a whole different post, but long story short.. We decided to build a brand new house and it should be complete next month. 

More to come... Especially now that I can write from the app. Now to just find the time in this crazy thing we call life :)

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